HTML5 Supported?

HTML5 Supported?
(350 total ratings on Google Play)
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(350 total ratings on Google Play)


NEW: Learn about support of HTML5 in stock browser of Android 4.4 which has been release just recently. Goto More->Browser Support->Mobile Browsers->Android 4.4

Detect support for HTML5 features like Canvas, Border Radius, CSS Animations & Transforms, 3D & WebGL, LocalStore and many many more for your version of Mobile web browser. Use HTML5 Supported and start innovating new Applications for mobile using advanced Web Technologies.

HTML5 Supported? helps in
1. Faster identification of HTML5 features for mobile browsers.
2. detecting features other than HTML5 like WebGL also supported.
3. And hence more productivity.
4. Feature detection for other mobile and desktop web browsers.

So heres a story,
I have mobile device with Android 2.2 I want to develop a really great game for it using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. I need features like HTML5 Canvas, Audio, Video, WebStorage & AppCache. But I dont know which of these HTML5 features are supported in Android 2.2.
WORRY NOT, install this great App ''HTML5 Supported'' on your mobile and start detecting features. No more web search for feature support detection for Android devices.

Now learn about HTML5 feature support on other browsers as well.
1. Android
2. iPhone
3. Chrome (stable version)
4. Chrome (developer version)
5. FirefoxOS (Boot2Gecko)
6. Firefox (stable)
7. Firefox (beta)
8. Firefox (aurora)
9. Firefox (nightly)
10. Blackberry Playbook OS 2.1 Browser

Who is this App for?
This App is for everyone who is
1. Mobile App developer.
2. Beginner in mobile App development.
3. Web programmer.
4. Game programmer.
5. JavaScript Developer.

Where do I use it?
1. It can be used before starting to develop a new game.
for example, I want to start developing a new game and I need to research on libraries that are available, the devices which support those libraries, what is the software distribution license etc.

2. It can be used to develop powerful mobile web apps.
for example, I want to make use of elegant UI and sleek design with Native Look & Feel(LAF)

More exciting enhancements coming soon.

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