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Menthal provides feedback on your mobile phone usage, and thus allows you to maintain a sustainable digital lifestyle. To this end, it tracks the full range of interaction between you and your phone. Running in the background, it records, for example every time you unlock your phone, every time you start an app, and every time you receive a call. The data is sent to our data vault once a day. There we extract the most interesting indicators, such as the total time you spent with your phone or the number of times you used a particular app. On your phone, you can then browse this aggregated information, and interpret it in the context of your lifestyle.

Please be aware that it takes 2 to 3 days to get reliable statistics on your mobile phone use because the app starts with the first data collection after the installation.

Menthal thus enables you to:
• Maintain a sustainable digital lifestyle.
• See how much time you spend on the phone.
• See which apps consume most of your attention.
• See how important events in your life affect your phone usage.

The app requires Android 4.0 and up. Naturally, such an application expects an extensive set of permissions..Your data remains entirely safe, due to our Privacy Statement and to the fact that we are a research group working in the University of Bonn.

Menthal will not eat up your data plan, or battery. The transferred data volume is surprisingly small, commonly comprising less than 100KB per day. Yet, to spare your data plan, we attempt to delay sending until a Wi-Fi connection becomes available.

Dear users,

Please don''t give us 1-star ratings without a comment, otherwise we don''t know what the problem is. If you need explicit feedback, please write an email to info@menthal.org. Thank your for your support and feedback!

Q: Why doesn''t login/registration work? Why does it say that servers are crowded? Why do I get error "502 Bad Gateway" when I want to register/answer questionnaire?
A: Please try again! The network infrastructure of the University wasn''t designed for this amount of secure traffic. Please repeat again the operation that failed, it will work. Login/registration is open to everyone, you don''t need an invitation. The usernames and passwords are case sensitive. We do not allow special characters in passwords or usernames, such as characters with umlauts, accents, or euro signs. (If you need to reset your password, go here: https://menthal.iai.uni-bonn.de/account/password/reset/ )

Q: Why is this/that not showing data correctly?
A: With every new update we are modifying algorithms and methods of data collection. We are trying to make it better, but sometimes bugs sneak in.

Q: That notification is annoying! Can''t you remove it?
A: No, we can''t. We''re sorry! We have removed the annoying Accessibility Service that made some phones talk. The notification will get better through time by showing more detailed info, we promise!

Q: When are you adding this/that feature?
A: After we''ll finish experimenting with the feedback and collection algorithms, we''ll add a multitude of features. We assure you that you won''t be disappointed!


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