Fine Volume Control V2 (Trial)

Fine Volume Control V2 (Trial)
(770 total ratings on Google Play)
Opotech / Music
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(770 total ratings on Google Play)


This is a 7-day time-limited but fully featured trial. The app is not fully compatible with all phones, please verify that all desired functions work correctly before purchasing.

Fine Volume Control 2.0 gives the ability to change volume in 1% increments and adds an optional replacement for the standard on-screen volume dialog which includes a dial to help adjust the volume when not in-app. It also allows access to lower volume levels.

If you can never find the perfect volume level or you want to go below 1 bar of volume, then this app is a must-have.

• 100 volume stages instead of 15 (excludes in-call volume)
• Lower volume than any other app allows (below the regular 1-bar)
• System volume dialog replacement - change volume with the dial when not in the app (similar to Ice Cream Sandwich/ICS style volume popup)
• 4 Volume profiles/presets
• More precise volume control
• Option to disable overlay when in certain apps (e.g. games or alarm clock)
• Choose any interface colour
• Fully customisable volume dial size and sensitivity
• Works with headphones
• Launcher icon to bring up the dial overlay (for devices which do not automatically show it when changing volume)


Why does Fine volume control report a different volume level than other apps do?

Our app allows you to access a larger range of volume levels than the default Android system allows (and reports volume in respect to the wider range). It varies between devices, but the standard volume levels are not evenly distributed over the available range. E.g. 1/15 media volume may correspond to 30% of the actual possible volume range.

Why is the app running in the background?

The service is used to display the overlay (when you press the volume keys), it uses very little memory and almost no CPU time. if you disable the overlay option the service will stop and you can continue just using the main app.

Why does the volume stop at 50%?

The media volume is limited to 50% by default when using a headset, this can be changed in the preferences.
2 users have reported a possible issue with the volume jumping to high levels when using the dial on the overlay.

Can the volume go any lower?

Yes! Under Advanced Preferences, select Volume Level and then select a lower setting.

Volume jumping/Incorrect profile values being loaded

Under advanced preferences, select "Volume accuracy fix". If this does not help, use the "Do not modify API volume" option.

Beware this has some side-effects: When you modify the volume using this app, other apps will be unaware of the change and will think the volume is at a different level. This may cause un-expected jumps if you use other volume control apps or the hardware buttons.
E.g. set media volume to 1/15 using another app, then set to 60% using fine volume control; the other app will still think the volume is at 1/15.

*** CAUTION ***
There is a bug that affects some devices/ROMs and causes the volume to briefly jump to a high value when you change the volume. Unknown cause and no fix available.

**This app does not work 100% on all phones and is not guaranteed to function on future Android versions or upgrades.**

Please note: This app does not work with FM Radio apps (Internet radio apps do work).

Contact us: opotechdev@gmail.com

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