TaskBomb task scheduler

TaskBomb task scheduler
(240 total ratings on Google Play)
Ken Fehling / Tools
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(240 total ratings on Google Play)


TaskBomb is a task scheduling app that''s small and simple, yet flexible.

See the website for tons of info, help, and tutorials: http://androidideas.org/taskbomb

* Automate many of the things your phone can do:
- Automatic app running
- Automatically open some given file or url with some given app
- Play a song, playlist, or online stream
- Open a browser to a web page
- Automatic shortcut running
* Add-ons to do things like
- Change the volume or gently raise it at a given time
- Check if an online music stream is available
- Run SL4A scripts at a certain time
- Turn on and off Wi-Fi, Sync, and Bluetooth
* Relative scheduling system allows you to create reusable sets of tasks to run at any time.
* Snooze offered for any task or schedule you choose.

# Note: Make sure task killers aren''t interfering

Task Bomb is an automation app (sometimes called "task scheduler", "job scheduler", "batch processor", etc.) that allows you to schedule apps and actions to automatically run. It''s similar in function to the cron command on Linux and somewhat like an alarm clock (you can set alarms and snooze actions). TaskBomb aims to be small and simple, and leverage the power of the apps you have on your phone.

One of Task Bomb''s greatest assets is its unique and flexible scheduling system that allows you to create modular, reusable schedules that can be run at any time, attached to alarms, or added to other schedules.

With home automation as a growing application of Android, this app could just be what you need to serve as a master controller for the bits and pieces you want to automate.

You can schedule things ranging from very simple:

"Play this song at 8:00 AM on weekdays."

to more complex:

"Run some scripts of mine before bed. 7 hours later start playing my favorite streaming radio station, or my second favorite one if that’s not available, or a local playlist if neither are available. Increase the volume gradually over 3 minutes. If I’m still not up after 10 minutes, switch to a playlist of sad songs."

Put another way, Task Bomb is basically an Android job scheduler. Job scheduling is sometimes synonymous with batch scheduling, although batch schedulers typically use the command line.

This app uses the internet permission in order to show ads through third party ad networks such as AdMob and MoPub. These are disabled if you purchase the Taskbomb Premium Unlocker, which can be found at http://androidideas.org/taskbomb/premium/google-play/

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