Voxdox - Text To Speech Pro

Voxdox - Text To Speech Pro
(2900 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2900 total ratings on Google Play)


Text To Speech converter & a free audio book library.

The only Text To Speech (TTS) App that combines natural sounding voices with the ability to read aloud and translate any form of text in more than 10 languages.
By using Voxdox you can listen to your eBooks (non-DRM) or convert files (pdf, docx, txt), papers, articles, contracts and web pages to quality speech using the best TTS voices available in the market today.

Voxdox also gives you free access to thousands of audio books read by real narrators. Browse our large audio book library and choose from a wide variety of audio materials including old classics, poetry, philosophy, arts, novels and much more. The free audio book library, provided by LibriVox and Voxdox, is growing every day so there is always something new you can listen to.

Voxdox uses HD natural sounding voices but it can also be used with local Android TTS engines like Google TTS and SVOX.

Voxdox is a PDF reader and a PDF Translator. A smart PDF to Speech system converts your documents to quality speech. Import your PDF documents (e.g Pocket, ezPDF Reader, gReader) and have them read to you.

Voxdox is also an (non-DRM) eBook reader that supports EPUB, PRC, MOBI and MBP format eBooks (e.g. Moon+ Reader) and an audio book creator that can turn any kind of text to a talking book in just a few clicks.

Voxdox can be used as a document scanner utilizing your device`s camera. Just take a picture of any document in almost any language, translate it to a different language if you wish to do so, and convert it`s text to speech.

Voxdox gives you the choice - listen to your document or simply read it - all audio materials are also presented in text form.

Converting text to voice has never been easier. Let your phone or tablet read aloud for you.

Main Features:

- Text to speech (TTS) in more than 20 languages.
- Translation to and from 20+ languages.
- PDF reader and PDF translator.
- Free audio book library with thousands of audio books to choose from.
- eBook reader (non-DRM) and audio book creator.
- Reads documents straight from Gmail and Google Drive.
- Converts text to mp3 file.
- Uses the camera as a document scanner with optical character recognition (OCR).
- MS Word Documents Reader and MS Word Documents Translator.
- Reads web pages by URL or straight from your Internet browser.
- Advanced reading options allow you to skip irrelevant text (such as references, URLs, etc.)
- Text presentation in addition to human narration.
- Audio is saved on your device so you can go back and listen to it any time, even when offline.
- Converts any text to speech in 2 clicks without even launching the app.
- Long FREE trial that would let you evaluate the app.
- High quality human sounding TTS voices.
- Android TTS engines support. Use Google Text To Speech, SVOX or any other TTS engine installed on your device.

Available Voices:

* Danish EU Helsa
* Dutch EU Anneka
* English AU Molly
* English IN Rani (NEW)
* English UK Ben
* English UK Sophie
* English US Jackie
* English US Jason
* English US Rebecca
* French CA Elodie
* French EU Jean
* French EU Margot
* German Heidi
* German Lukas
* Italian EU Angelo
* Italian EU Emilia
* Polish EU Karolina
* Portuguese BR Giovanna
* Portuguese BR Gustavo
* Russian Nikita
* Spanish EU Antonio
* Spanish EU Martina
* Spanish LA Rita
* Spanish US Lorena
* Turkish Female Sevi (NEW)
* Welsh Gwendolyn

Make your reading easier with Voxdox - the ultimate text to speech engine.

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