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(2200 total ratings on Google Play)


FamilySearch Tree makes it easy and convenient for existing FamilySearch.org Family Tree users to view the details of their family trees, plus add photos and stories to their family branches.

Feel a compelling connection with your ancestors as you discover the important events and stories of their lives. As your heart turns to them, begin to collect and add your own favorite family memories to the tree for others to enjoy for generations to come. Share your family legacy with others in person or through popular social networks.

• Browse your family branches, and see portraits of relatives you’ve never seen before.
• Discover facts, documents, stories, photos, and recordings about your ancestors.
• Easily add memories and records about your relatives.
• Preserve and share those old photos and documents that are hidden away in storage.
• Take your family tree with you wherever you go—the app works even without Internet access.
• The app automatically syncs to FamilySearch.org, so you can pick up where you left off on any device.
• Store your family branches for free forever, deep within the FamilySearch vaults.

Share family stories with your children at bedtime or in the car while traveling. Learn something new about your family origins while waiting in a line. Take the app to family gatherings, and capture stories you’ve never heard before. Ask your parents and grandparents to tell you about their lives and what they remember of their deceased relatives; then record their stories using the app. Use important moments of your history as teaching aids. Watch how stories of your ancestors’ hardships, endurance, and faith help you become a better person.

FamilySearch Tree is always free and an easy and convenient way to find and share meaningful, heart-turning family stories that will make an impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones.



• FamilySearch Tree is a mobile companion to FamilySearch.org. While this app does make it easy to add photos, stories, and audio recordings to the records of ancestors in the tree, adding or updating ancestor details such as names, dates, and relationships is not currently available. However, it’s a feature that’s coming soon!

• If you find that FamilySearch Tree has little or no information about your family, sign in to FamilySearch.org on the web, and add what you know. We provide completely free, one-on-one, personalized help from family history experts.

• All content you provide for deceased ancestors is publicly visible. See our privacy policy for more details.

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