BuuF GuuF - Go & ADWTheme

BuuF GuuF - Go & ADWTheme
(880 total ratings on Google Play)
Fractal Systems / Personalization
Downloads: 100k
(880 total ratings on Google Play)


**ATTENTION: Ughh - I am aware the latest Go Launcher EX update broke the main menu and I''m working on a fix
Official word from Go Launcher EX Theme Team: "About the new Menu interface, we will make it themeable as soon as possible."**

***Note to Users and Google/Android Market BELOW***

BuuF GuuF - ADWTheme & Go Launcher EX Theme is a fun theme for ADW.Launcher, ADWLauncher EX aka ADWEX, and Go Launcher EX.

- Added 11 Colorful Analog Clocks (Widgets)
-- What makes this BUUF Clock different:
--- I used a protractor, making it the only Analog BUUF to show correct time ;-)
--- Colors to choose from...
- Not just an ADWTheme anymore, support Go Launcher EX Theme!
- Expect Icon Updates (per request)
- Expect General Updates Often
- Already contains close to 300 themed apps
- Contains Docks for ADWLauncher EX ADWTheme Docks (Go Launcher EX Theme Dock Support Soon!)
- HD version for xLargeScreens, tablets etcetera (Soon!)
- More to come...

Please consider rating/commenting! I''ve lost a year of momentum: 546,796 Total Installs, 7709 Comments/Ratings, and, as of today, 56,728 users still have it installed.

For Instructions for both ADWTheme (ADW.Launcher, ADWLauncher EX) and Go Launcher EX Theme:
Open the app and view the ''How To'' which contains links to YouTube Videos.

Enjoy! Thanks!
Original Artwork:
Paul Davey aka Mattahan
on DeviantArt.com (all rights reserved - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License)

Please Consider Donating - Visit HomePage for Paypal Links for AnderWeb (ADW), Paul Davey (Artist), and Fractal Systems (Developer). Thanks!
Note to USERS:
- If you have ADW.BuuF.Theme (package name org.fractalsystems.buuftheme) installed, please remove it.
- BuuF GuuF - ADW & Go Theme is a complete rewrite and replacement for ADW.BuuF.Theme, now fully themed for both ADWTheme and Go Launcher EX Theme
- Wallpapers have been removed as they contained undetermined licenses
- Email me with Feedback/Suggestions/Icon Requests
Note to Google/Android Market:
- I still have not heard back from Google/Android Market about the suspension of ADW.BuuF.Theme (package name org.fractalsystems.buuftheme)
- This app (BuuF GuuF - ADW & Go Theme (package name org.fractalsystems.buufguuf) is a COMPLETE REWRITE
- ALL original artwork is CC NC/SA 2.5 Licensed and in addition I have recieved the ''go ahead'' from the orignal author.
- ANY and ALL modifications to the original artwork was done by me (Fractal Systems)
- My confusion with the removal of ADW.BuuF.Theme
-- I never recieved any DCMA takedown
-- I did use wallpapers and icons that were given to me with undetermined licenses (All which have been removed in this release)
-- I did have an extensive description with SEO/Keywords, but all were accurate and in no way malicious
-- I really have no idea why it was removed, any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
- Contact me with any questions, Thanks!
ADWTheme ADW.Launcher ADWLauncher EX GoLauncher EX Theme Go Launcher Home Launcher Theme Home Replacement adw and go launcher ex theme analog clock widgets adwtheme clocks
Been described as: A Dark Cartoon, Steampunk, Arty, Cartoonish, The Best Icon Set Ever!
Version - December 13, 2011
- Added 11 Analog Clock Widgets
- Fixed Disappearing Icons/InternalOnly SD Manifest
- Added Icons/Missing Symbolic Links

Version 1.0 - December 8, 2011
- Initial Market Release

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