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SlidePaper Premium
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(730 total ratings on Google Play)


SlidePaper is a Live Wallpaper, which changes your wallpaper pictures.

SlidePaper contains a few pictures, but the idea is, to slide through your own pictures.

SlidePaper displays pictures as a wallpaper slideshow, changing the images:
- periodically (after some minutes passed)
- if sliding happened, or
- if you make the special gesture (Fast up and down fingerslide on screen at least 3 times.)

Installation: (on most launchers)
Hold your finger down on the current background -> Tap Wallpapers -> Tap Live Wallpapers -> Select Slidepaper.

- Use built in pictures: Include built-in pictures from application is slideshow. Note: If no pictures found in the below defined folder built-in picture will show anyway.
- Folder on device: default is ''/sdcard/slide''. Set where your pics are.
- With ''Recursive search'' all subfolders will be included.
- ''Operation mode'' defines when the background changes (see above).
Periodically, on slide or both.
- On multi screen wallpapers the Slide change only happens if the whole wallpaper was visible and you reach the exact screen where the last change happened.
- ''Wallpaper change timeout'' must be at least one minute.
- ''Image cut mode'' sets how the images should be cut for screens:
''One page - one image'' means the image will be resized for exactly one screen.
''Wide wallpaper'' means the image will be resized for several screens wide, and will shown partially on sliding. (Same as normal wallpaper behavior.)
''Automatic'' means the combination of the two above.
- ''Enlarge small images'' allows to use pictures smaller then the screen (but bigger than 50%)
- Tapping gesture could be disabled.

Bulitin images list: (Most of them are from Wikimedia Commons, and copyrighted as stated there.)
- The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, USA
- Kukenan Tepuy in Gran Sabana National Park, Venezuela
- Varanasi, India
- Römer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
- Cize - Bolozon viaduct over the Ain river, France
- Lake Vuoksa, Karelian Isthmus, Russia
- Church of the Virgin of the Burgh on Rhodes, Greece
- Torre Mozza, Toscana, Italy
- Milky Way - ESO’s Paranal Observatory, Yepun, Chile (Yuri Beletsky)
- Ore train near Torneträsk, Sweden

Keywords: Slideshow, Wallpaper

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