DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer
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James Moss / Transportation
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(15.766k total ratings on Google Play)


DigiHUD Speedometer is a free GPS based digital head up display (HUD) for Android that shows useful speed and distance information for your journey. Ideal if your vehicle speedo has died, you want to verify your vehicle speed or you just need know your speed when cycling, running, flying, sailing etc.!
The display can be switched between normal viewing and HUD mode which mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection in a vehicle windshield (most useful at night, depending on the device''s brightness).
DigiHUD can now appear as a floating window on top of other apps or your homescreens.

Displays the following information:
Current speed (choose MPH, KMH or KTS)
Average speed, this trip
Maximum speed, this trip
Trip distance (three trip counters)
Odometer (found under Statistics)
Current time
Digit color change when above your set warning speed
Battery power level
Satellite lock obtained icon

For more than a dozen extra features, with many more planned, try DigiHUD Pro.

Main Menu
Opened by touching the speed displayed in the center of the screen, the menu allows you to:
Exit DigiHUD: exit the app
Window/Background Mode: Close and open as a re-sizable floating window
HUD view / Normal view: Switch between HUD (mirrored) and normal displays
Speed Unit: Change between MPH, KMH or KTS
Set Warning Speed/Sound: The speed at which the digit color will change to red. An audible alert can also be enabled here
Brightness: Adjust the screen brightness
Display Color: Choose from 10 customizable colors
Lock screen rotation: keep the screen in its current rotation.
Display Preferences: enable/disable screen elements
Statistics: odometer, trip distance, top speed and average speed and version number
Help: show help and other information

*This application requires the use of the GPS receiver, which may increase battery usage.*

Although we strive to make all readings as accurate as possible they are only as accurate as your device''s sensors and should only be regarded as approximations.

Using DigiHUD
Swipe left or right to switch between Full and Lite views
Swipe up or down to switch between HUD (mirrored) and normal displays
Touch the trip counter to cycle through the three counters
Long-pressing on a speed or trip value will reset it
Long-press the speed unit to choose between MPH, KMH and KTS from the popup menu (also in the Main Menu)
When in window mode touch the DigiHUD icon for a menu to switch to the fullscreen app or exit

All values can be reset by long-pressing "PAUSE RESET" (the Odometer reading in the Statistics popup won''t reset and counts the total distance since the application was installed or it''s data was cleared).

The screen will not turn off during long journeys and works in landscape or portrait mode.

Want to give good or bad feedback? Hold the thumb up/thumb down icon to open Google Play (icon appears after 3 days installed).

Privacy etc.
There are no Ads, time-outs or nag-screens. DigiHUD doesn''t use your internet connection so data captured or generated by it, including speed, location and direction is not available to any other persons or devices.
DigiHUD does requires the use of the device''s GPS receiver.

If you have any problems using DigiHUD with your device please tell us as we can often fix problems quickly. If you don''t, then please Like our Facebook page and tell your friends.

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