Komachi flashlight / cute app

Komachi flashlight / cute app
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)
Ochito / Tools
Downloads: 50.0k
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)


■The world''s cutest flashlight app
Your smartphone instantly transforms to a flashlight that works beautifully ♪at your bedside or anywhere in the dark
For you, who likes cute things!

With the Free Stamp Box, it will light up with the super-popular Shiba Komachi
One button. Free app for instant LED flashlight

★ The world''s cutest and simplest flashlight app!
Girls will absolutely want to use this, and for you, who love cute things
It is so soothing just to own such a flashlight app

★ The sweet little barking sound is oh so cute!
Press the switch and get that little bark!
(It will not bark if the smartphone sound is switched off)

★ The pose changes each time you light up the flashlight!
It''s fun to watch Komachi changing poses each time you turn on the flashlight

★ It is simple and easy. ♪ It doesn''t have even one extra function!
Only one button. Free app for people who are not used to smart phones

★ An app so soothing to just look at
Even the app icon is so very cute
Shiba Komachi goes with you everywhere

The free Stamp Box has surpassed 1 million downloads worldwide
You can take all the stamps you want for free--the stamps can be used in LINE, WhatsApp, and other chat apps

■Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I have to pay anything for the stickers?
A. No, this application is completely free of charge.

Q. Do you obtain any personal information from me?
A. No, this application does not have any functionality to access your contacts list, or any other type of personal information.

Q. Do you have any viruses?
A. No.
We have already tested the application with the latest version of VirusBuster Mobile for Android (Trend Micro Co., Ltd.) to ensure it has no viruses.

Q. Do you use any positioning information (GPS)?
A. No, this application does not have any functionality to access your positioning information, or any other type of personal information.

Q. Can I delete the application when I do not need it anymore?
A. It can be deleted straight away from your smartphone’s settings screen.

■Download the application now!!
To install the application, press the install button on the top right-hand side of the screen ♪

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