WAY GPS Tracker

WAY GPS Tracker
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(12.555k total ratings on Google Play)


Install WAY GPS Tracker on the cell phones you want to SILENTLY track and sign in at http://WhereAreYouGPS.com to view locations history from anywhere.

** REBOOT CELL PHONE if you install on Android 3.1 and down. **

WAY GPS Tracker is a SILENT GPS tracker app sending real-time location updates to your private web account. Just install on the cell phone you want to monitor and get the peace of mind you need.

★★★★★ "Simple, RUNS SILENTLY and then log onto http://whereareyougps.com and you can see your movements plotted throughout the day and previous days!" –Jackson Smith

More than 2 MILLION tracked phones! (also available for BlackBerry)
WAY GPS Tracker will help you to keep all your family members safe. Once installed on your kids and loved ones cellphones WAY GPS Tracker app runs silently and start automatically to send locations to your private web account.

GPS Tracker for personal, family, and even for business gps tracking!
GPS tracker app will start tracking automatically and send exact location from GPS sensor, WIFI or cell phone tower signal (carrier triangulation). WAY GPS Tracker app is automatically initiated when the phone is powered ON. Download this app for FREE today!

GPS Android
WAY GPS Tracker is compatible with all your GPS-enabled Android phones and tablets and uses state-of-the-art GPS Tracker technology combined with advanced features like warning areas (geofencing) to get alerted on bad situations.

★★★★★ "This is the best gps tracker that I have ever downloaded and it is very accurate. Thank you very much." –Noah Williams

Silent GPS Tracker to get GPS Navigation history.
Once installed, the WAY GPS Tracker app will silently collect GPS data. NO USER INTERACTION is visible once installed, WAY GPS Tracker will send locations automatically and privately to your web account. Just logging-on to ** WhereAreYouGPS.com ** from any web browser (mobile, tablet, or PC) and get GPS Navigation history on a Google Map.

Family Locator for peace of mind.
WAY GPS Tracker is an accurate cell phone tracker for family safety and set-up is simple: just install the app on all of your family’s GPS-enabled Android phones and tablets to track them from anywhere using a web browser (sign in at http://whereareyougps.com).

GPS Tracking for your employees also.
GPS tracker Application is so simple to install and with no device user interaction after installation. Manage gps tracking frequency and schedule from your private web account settings at http://whereareyougps.com and view all your devices at a glance.

Phone Tracker for you and your loved ones.
GPS Tracking cell phones has never been easier. Install WAY GPS Tracker app and you’ll be able to locate all your loved ones in a matter of seconds!

★★★★★ "I will never lose my handy again!!!." –Tomas Ethan Rodriguez

Install WAY GPS Tracker and get an extra degree of safety for you and all your family.

▌ HOW TO INSTALL (compatible with all Android cell phones and tablets)

Step 1: Install WAY GPS Tracker on the mobile which you want to track.
Step 2: Click on CREATE ACCOUNT button to set an email and a password.

And that''s it! Just go to http://whereareyougps.com and log in to track phone.

★★★★★ "This app doesn''t take up much space, doesn''t show up unless you go digging for it, and is the perfect way for a parent to keep tabs on their children. The best part about it is that it could help you find your child in an emergency, or if something were to happen. That is, until they''ll let us inject them with a chip LOL This is by far one of the most useful parenting tools I''ve found." - Ellen MacDupre

If you experience any issue using or installing WAY GPS tracker app just send us an email to support@whereareyougps.com. We''re unable to help you if you just write a comment on Google Play!

Visit http://whereareyougps.com or go to https://mapmedocs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/HELP/Home for help.

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