Spray Painter

Spray Painter
(8900 total ratings on Google Play)
Netox / Entertainment
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(8900 total ratings on Google Play)


This simple app for your Android device lets you spray paint anything you want on a virtual wall. See what it''s like to paint graffiti without even vandalizing anything! Choose from 10 different colors of paint, then select from three spray strengths and spray sizes. The small and medium sizes are handy for drawing outlines, adding detail, or creating highlights. Select the large size to fill in big areas. Low spray strength will give you a misty effect, while full strength will result in solid colors. You can change the background color and even the background pattern.
In latest Spray Painter release you can take own background foto and you can paint on a photographed wall, fence on even whole building :)

Don''t know what to paint? Pick one of the 30 included templates and go wild. If you make a mistake, tap UNDO to undo your last stroke or use the eraser tool. Play around to create different effects, like painting in one place to create paint drips. Draw with your finger and hear what it sounds like to spray with a real can, or use the app with the sound turned off. The wall is your oyster.

You can also save your created image as a file, set as wallpaper or share image with your friends.
You can shake your phone for mix your spray. When you paint in one place, you can see paint leak. You can simply create nice graffiti wallpapers, wall sketch, street art and much more.


- 10 spray cans with different paint colours
- 3 spray sizes and strengths
- 5 backgrounds patterns
- 30 templates
- undo/redo
- eraser
- shake phone for mix spray can
- paint leak
- saving created image as file, set as wallpaper or share with friends (facebook, gmail, etc.)
- take background foto

Have fun!

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