Quran MP3 audio Ramadan 2014

Quran MP3 audio Ramadan 2014
(9100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(9100 total ratings on Google Play)


Hamdolilah already chosen as the best application on the iPhone / iPad to listen, read and translate the Holy Quran, the application is now available on Android.

Quran audio for Android is a concentrate of the best quran reciters in the world, an amazing user interface design and the best set of features.

Video Demo: http://goo.gl/N6Y6Vf (Thanks to http://nawaf-blog.com/)

+ Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation (French, English or even have explanation and meaning)
+ Bookmark your favorites surat and reciters
+ Download recitations to listen offline
+ Download all or one by one surat
+ Download recitations of more than 23 reciters
+ Share with your family and friends
+ Quranic Supplications
+ Listen to your favorites Duaa
+ Repeat and shuffle functions are included
+ Play audio in the background while you''re using your device
+ Translations in many different languages (currently, Arabic Tafseer, English Sahih International Translation, French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish, Transliteration, Bosnian, Russian, Bengali, Dutch, Tamil, and Urdu)

The app has been:

+ Redesigned : faster, simpler, snappier UI, and beautiful.
+ Optimized for Full HD quality

Recitations available:
Abd El Basit - Abdul Basit Mujawwad - Abdullah Basfar - Abdurrahmaan As-Sudais - Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatree - Alafasy - Ghamadi - Hani Rifai - Husary - Husary Mujawwad - Hudhaify - Maher Al Muaiqly - Minshawy - Minshawy Mujawwad - Mohammad al Tablaway - Muhammad Ayyoub - Muhammad Jibreel - Saood Ash-Shuraym - and more

- The application requires an internet connection with WiFi or 3G for use in case you have not download surat.

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