Simple Dice (Free)

Simple Dice (Free)
(530 total ratings on Google Play)
Rames / Casual
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(530 total ratings on Google Play)


Roll the dice and contemplate your next move. Simple Dice is a game of strategy and chance. Whether you choose to save your roll and earn the allotted points for a three of a kind, or keep trying for a 40 -point large straight, this Yahtzee style game will have you crossing your fingers for that lucky roll.

Score Categories
The simple interface makes it easy to see how many points each score category will offer your roll by displaying potential points next to each one, but it won''t make the decision for you. What you choose to do with each roll is up to you. There are thirteen score categories displayed on the screen above your roll. You get three chances to roll and save rolls for that desired score before you must choose a score category. Each category can only be used once.

Two Modes of Play
Your grandma may have taught you the traditional way to play, but Simple Dice likes to shake things up. Simple Dice has two modes of play: Classic (like the way your grandma taught you) and Freedom (like your first night out without a curfew). In Classic Mode, once a roll is assigned to a score category, it cannot be moved. But in Freedom Mode you are free to roam! Rolls can be moved from one category to another in case you encounter bigger and better rolls. And for the "Oops, I can''t believe I just did that" move, both modes have an Undo Last Move option.

Save High Scores
From novice to pro it is always nice to remember where you came from. Simple Dice allows you to save your score after each game. As your strategy improves, watch your points grow.

- realistic dice sounds
- move rolls between score categories using Freedom mode
- set custom colors and save high scores

The free version of this game displays advertisements. For an ad-free version please purchase Simple Slots also available in the Marketplace.

Thanks for playing!

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