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Nova Battery Tester
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Almost every owner of the phone on Android sooner or later starts to think about purchasing a new battery, or the optimization of the operating system.
Maybe the battery is really worn out and it''s time to replace, but it may be the case in the hands of the developers of the curves of different applications and widgets are not followers of energy conservation.

With the application NovaTester you can learn the real capacity of your battery, and possibly the decision to purchase a new battery put off for a while.

In developing NovaTester were used not only standard tools android, but long-term "laboratory" measurement of current consumption in the phone mode, the maximum load on the CPU and a maximum brightness of the display.

The screenshot 2 test results for battery in the phone SonyEricsson Xperia X10 nominal capacity of 1500mAh.
The first battery is a native who has worked for about 2 years - issued 894mAh.
The second battery purchased two months ago, the so-called "under the original" - issued a 1490mAh. and comply with the stated capacity.
Which suggests that the first battery must be replaced.

How to use the application.
A. Charge the phone battery to 65% - 70%.
Two. Run the application and select the menu item "Get specifications" to obtain data on your phone model from the application server (requires access to the internet).
If your phone is on the list of compatible, you''ll get your phone''s technical specifications required for the test if your phone is not listed, you will see a message warning you about what your phone is not in the list of compatible, and the results are not accurate.
After passing the test, you will be able to send test results to developers (requires access to the internet), for inclusion in the list of tested, this menu item Share my result.
Three. Click "Start benchmark".
In order that the results would have been more accurate, you must disable all networks (WiFi, GSM) and set the screen brightness to maximum.
4.Teper to wait.
First, there is a "warm" and goes on until the battery does not reach 60 percent.
By reducing the battery life of up to 60%, the tester goes from "Warmup" in the Benchmark, and immediately starts the test, which continues until the battery has dropped to 30%.

In the process of testing the battery in the string you see Capacity battery capacity.
In Sec Per Scale bar is displayed on the number of seconds short of a division of the battery (asps - the mean time, lsps - last).
Upon completion of the test, you will see a message that shows the time of the test, battery capacity, and rating.

In the mean time WarmUp takes 600 seconds, the time has 3600sek Benchmark.
Total time 1h - 1.5h.

In the present work the application is tested and optimized for phones:

In the present work the application is tested and optimized for phones:Acer - Liquid
Google - Galaxy Nexus
HTC - HTC Incredible S
HTC - HTC Desire
HTC - HTC Desire S
HTC - HTC Desire V
HTC - Desire HD
HTC - HTC Desire HD A9191
Sony Ericsson - Xperia X10
Sony Ericsson - LT18i
Sony Ericsson - MT15i
Sony Ericsson - MK16i
Sony Ericsson - SK17i
Samsung - GT-I8150
Samsung - GT-I9000
Samsung - GT-I9001
Samsung - GT-I9003
Samsung - GT-I9100
Samsung - GT-I9103
Samsung - SGH-I897
Samsung - SGH-I777
Samsung - GT-S5830
Samsung - GT-S5660
Samsung - GT-S6102
Samsung - GT-N7000
Lenovo - A750
Lenovo - A1_07
LG - P500
LG - P690
LG - P970
Motorola - MB525
Star N8000 (China) - e1808_v75_jbl1
Star (China) - A7272+
Apanda - apanda-A80S
Cube - U30GT-H
yusu - B63
ZOPO - ZP100

Other models tested so far is not so sure ...

You can help the development of applications and expand the list of supported phones.
To do this, what would you have had a fairly new battery.
Run the test and after passing the test in the context menu, select "Share my result".
Before sending the results to include the Internet.
Thank you!

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