Aura Battery Indicator/Widget

Aura Battery Indicator/Widget
(280 total ratings on Google Play)
Max Rozhkov / Tools
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(280 total ratings on Google Play)


Aura Energy has following features:
• Battery information
• Battery indicator
• Battery Widget (not available when installed on SD card).
• Battery discharging tool

Battery Indicator is a lightweight indicator for the Android™ mobile operating system. It is designed to show the percentage of the battery level in the status bar. Battery Widget is a widget sized 1x1, that resides on the homescreen, and displays the same information: the percentage of the battery charge. Battery information is a screen with most of the general information about the battery.

If the current battery level is too high, it can be reduced with Battery discharging tool. It is believed that the operation in а cycle of full charge-discharge increases capacity of the battery. Now you can quickly discharge the battery before you start to charge.

The necessary permissions are as follows:
• RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - to display the indicator in the status bar after the device is booted.
• WAKE_LOCK - to keep the screen on during discharge.
• VIBRATE - for vibration during discharge.
• ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - to access the GPS-receiver during discharge.
• INTERNET - to use connection to the network during discharge.

This application does not collect any personal information and does not send any information to any location. The main purpose of creation of this application is to make the user happy.


Aura Energy is available in folowing languages:
• English (default)
• Japanese
• Korean
• Deutsch
• Spanish
• Russian
• French
• Italian

You may help this project by translating it to the other languages. If you find a mistake in the translation, you can help by specifying it. If you would like to help, contact me, please.


If you have questions or a problem related to the use of this application contact me: android@nfos.ru.

Please do not ask question in your Google Play reviews as Google does not allow developers to respond to user reviews. If you encounter any problem, please contact me before leaving any bad comment. Thank you for your support and understanding.

If you encounter a problem, you can get help in the Troubleshooting section located into About screen of the Aura Energy.

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