German in 7 Lessons

German in 7 Lessons
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Olena Shypilova presents the free course “German in 7 Lessons”, a program that will help you bring your German skills to a level of comfortable communication on basic topics!

The program is presented by the site http://speakasap.com.

Tailored to beginners, this course is simple, logical, structured and short.

The course includes only Basic German grammar, the type of grammar used most by people all over the world for everyday communication in German.

Every lesson is offered in audio format: we provide understandable explanations that make it easy for you to listen to our course anytime on the go.

All the exercises address a specific topic with useful and common vocabulary. All answers are provided in audio format.

In contrast to typical exercises where you simply click on the correct translation of a word or the correct verb form, leading to boredom and the inability to think on your own, we composed our exercises in a different way.
In our exercises you translate the whole sentence at once. You can always check your answers. You will find 80% of all words used in the exercises either in the lesson materials or in previous exercises, so it’s not necessary to consult a dictionary all the time. Moreover, memorizing new words comes with practice, especially when you construct phrases or sentences without assistance.

In case you don’t understand something, just consult our language support. You can just write us an e-mail from the application or contact us using the Skype application on your phone. Just call Language Support and have your questions explained.

Included in the program:

• Full version of the free course “German in 7 Lessons”
• Interactive exercises for assessing your knowledge and teaching the material
• Audio materials with the explanations of the lessons and exercises
• Video materials with the explanations of the lessons (requires an internet connection)
• Easily access speakASAP online
• Quickly get in touch with the Language Support service
• All materials (except video materials) are stored on your electronic device and available without an internet connection

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We will be happy to receive any comments and propositions from you. Write us at admin@speakasap.com

Install! Test it! Let us know about bugs! Study with pleasure!
For additional information refer to our site
The course’s founder is Olena Shypilova and the speakASAP team.

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