Currency rates of CB

Currency rates of CB
(3200 total ratings on Google Play)
Сергей Полицинский / Finance
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(3200 total ratings on Google Play)


The program "Currency rates of the Central Bank" - recent exchange rates according to the Central Bank of Russia you had in your phone! Nothing superfluous, just functionality with a simple interface:
- displaying daily (today) current currency rates according to the Central Bank of Russia
- the ability to request the exchange rates for tomorrow (after 14:00 MSK)
- the ability to compile your list of currencies - list of Favorites, then he will be the first page instead of exchange rates of all currencies (after restarting the program or update currency exchange rates).
- you can also adjust the order of the currencies in the lists of the exchange rates and favorites
- ability to rename currencys
- currency convertor - added for the convenience of the ruble, automatic conversion of currencies list of Favorites
- Reference currency
- diagram of the dynamics of exchange rates for the periods (pinch-to-zoom is working)
- auto update exchange rate - every day at the specified time, it is possible to set the number of retries update in case of failure, the retry interval 10 minutes
- auto update when connected to WiFi
- auto updates when you enable Mobile data
- not auto update in roaming
- auto update only when a fast Internet connection (3G, 4G, WiFi)
- notifications on the result of an auto update
- the ability of calculation of the currency basket (the number of currencies in a basket is configured)
- widgets 1x1, 2x1, 2х1 two currencys, 4х1, 4x2 (Favorites list) and 4x2 (Diagram of the Excange currency rate), click on the flag opens the program, click on the rate (or "------"if there was no update) - update courses, click on the character code opens the configuration of the widget. As the widget is updated if the refresh rates from the program.
- adjust the size and color of fonts in widgets: separately the size and color of the rate, separately size and color of the labels. It is possible to "adjust" the widget under different screen sizes and decorate it to Your taste!
- displaying daily dynamic of the exchange rate in the application and on the widget - change of course in comparison with yesterday
- black and white theme
- the amount of traffic in one query for current currency rates does not exceed 7 KB!

The program works under Android 2.2 and above.

Permission "automatically start at boot" is necessary to auto update again started after the device reboot!

Please read this quick start guide after installation (Menu - Brief discription).

If the widget "hangs" in the update (unstable Internet) - you can go to the widget settings and just click to Install the widget, or do an update from the program.

Auto update may not work if You are running the cleanup program memory (Task killer). You must make this program to the exceptions.

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