Trucks vs Hybrids

Trucks vs Hybrids
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


Trucks vs hybrids is a simple 2d physics game that combines aspects of arcade games like Angry Birds with Monster Truck racing games. You must bust through blockades of barrels, crates, pillars, and cinder blocks to get the trucks to the gas pump that has been blocked by the hybrids. In order to do so, you adjust the angle of the ramp, control the speed of the trucks, and conserve your gas for maximum fuel economy. You have three trucks to crash... a Monster Truck, a Big Rig Tractor Trailer Cab, and a Heavy Duty HD Pickup Truck. As a bonus, watch the hybrids explode if you run them over! This is truly a whole new war for oil.

The trucks need your help! As part of a plan to take over the world, the evil hybrids have built blockades to prevent the trucks from getting their precious fuel. However, the trucks will not just sputter away quietly and die... no, they have come to fight! Using a ramp, the trucks burn what little gas they have left in order to launch themselves into the hybrids'' blockades. But who will ultimately win... will the hybrids succeed in eliminating all awesome vehicles, or will the gas guzzlers prove to be too tough for the hybrids to handle? The fate of vehicles all around the world lies in your hands!

This game is for all extreme sport enthusiasts, including fans of dirt bikes, motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, 4 wheelers, motocross, bmx, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, snow machines, monster trucks, pickup trucks, or any other off road motor machine.

Delighting the spirit of Nikola Tesla electric car company sales have been increasing. This game takes a humorous look at this new phenomenon. Trucks vs Hybrids is a product of StudyHall Entertainment LLC and all rights are reserved. This game is suitable for all ages and is optimized for tablets such as Google Nexus 7.

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This game is free and therefore contains ads. However, this game will not install any ad-related search bars on your phone or place ads in your notification bar. ADS WILL ONLY APPEAR WITHIN THE GAME. There is also the option to remove all ads for 99 cents if you prefer.

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