Zombie Farmer: Monster Farm

Zombie Farmer: Monster Farm
(1500 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1500 total ratings on Google Play)


Build up your own Monster World in Zombie Farmer! In Zombie Farmer you can grow local, fresh monster crops and fruits, raise cute monsters and decorate a beautiful zombie farm together with your friends! This is not an ordinary FREE farm game as you can plant anything from candy crush trees to lady bug plants! This is your chance to manage and build your own monster world on a zombie farm island!

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Zombie Farmer: Monster Farm is a FREE casual monster farm game for you: Plow land, plant crops and harvest them to gain experience. Discover a mysterious monster world and play to earn experience. Unlock wonderful decorations, new unique monsters, use helpful harvesting tools, grow extraordinary plants, weird vegetables or crazy flowers, raise Zombies and master unlimited challenging tasks and missions!

Connect with Facebook, invite your farm friends and compete worldwide against other players. Take a pause and review the global high score / leader board synchronously with each experience you earn while you play!

FEATURES with unlimited options:

+ RELAXING: RAISE and GROW your FARM GARDEN with delicious crops, extraordinary fruits, veggies, flowers, trees & animals and CREATE your own virtual Monster World!

+ MULTI-LINGUAL: Play completely in English, German, Spanish or French!

+ AMAZING: See your own monster farm grow by cultivating your land, placing zombies on your farm and enjoying the imaginative gameplay!

+ UNIQUE: Expand and grow your monster farm island garden RANCH with monstrous DECORATIONS and numerous items!

+ FASTER: Use performance UPGRADES like harvesters, fertilizers or seeders to GROW your FARM faster!

+ ADDICTIVE: Plow, seed and HARVEST to gain experience and money! Unlock new CROPS, rare items, zombies and great achievements every level!

+ FREE: Earn Coins and Diamonds to get dozens of seeds, animals and decorations for your farm!

+ MULTIPLAYER: Compare yourself in the worldwide highscore and see, if you can make it to become the top 1 farmer!

+ FREE UPDATES: Zombie Farmer: Monster Farm will be frequently updated with new crops, fruits, flowers, trees, buildings, decorations, zombies, more farms, fish, city building and so much more! Ask us for more updates and we listen to your suggestions!

+ PLUS: BEAUTIFUL graphics! Great SOUNDS!

+ and a lot more...


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