Battery Temperature Guard free

Battery Temperature Guard free
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


Use this app to protect your device and keep your battery healthy!

This app will monitor the temperature of your smartphone and will notify you, if a warning temperature is reached. If you are living in a hot area this app is a must to protect you from potentially exploding batteries.

Main features of this app:
# Temperature Notification Icon
# Monitoring & Logging of your battery temperature
# Warning Notification if a specified temperature is reached.
# Two temperature Widgets for your homescreen
# Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit as preferred temperature scale

# The ongoing temperature notification can be set to:
Show always, Show when charging, Show never
# LED will flash red on warning if available

New Features:
# A better, bigger and zoomable diagram
# Notification Icon which will always show you the current temperature of your battery
# You can now remove the ads with in app billing!

This app has been designed to use very little system resources and keep battery usage at a minimum.

A hot battery temperature will significantly reduce your batteries life! Using this app you can try to extend your batteries life. Just try to always keep your device at a regular temperature and you might easily extend your batteries life.

I created this app, because since I own my cool Nexus 4 smartphone, I am a little bit frightened that it might get to hot.
There are a few apps out there which can show you the current battery temperature, but none of these apps feature a warning notification, so here it is!

This app has been tested on various devices including my Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and a Galaxy S.

I hope you like this app! If you have any problems using it, please write me an email with a description of your problem and of course the name of your device and android version.

Just to make it clear...This app will notify you if your device gets to hot, but you have to take action to cool it down, like putting it out of the sun.

If you don''t like the ads, open the About tab inside the app and buy the premium app. After you restarted the app, ads will be removed.

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