Sweet Garden

Sweet Garden
(14.965k total ratings on Google Play)
TOAST / Casual
Downloads: 100k
(14.965k total ratings on Google Play)


★This is only one game in the world.
Download now!!

Sweet Garden – A one-of-a-kind game –
Plant happiness in your lives.

This is only for Android !! You never see iPhone !!

◎ First, search for Sweet Garden
◎ on YouTube ^0^

★ Sweet Garden?
It’s a completely new style of simulation game where you can raise “Ppu”, the Sweet Garden pet, through a widget in real-time.

★ You’ve never seen anything like this!
- “Ppu”, the pet in Sweet Garden, moves in the widget as if it were alive. Just watching it will make you very happy.

Toast has applied for two patents related to widget-operated games.

▣ Sweet Garden’s Unique Features

1. Sweet Garden’s widget allows you to turn the battery widget on and off, based on the fact that it is operated by the widget.

2. “Ppu” talks to the user and each characteristic of “Ppu” is different.

▣ How to Install and Play

1. Download the game and install.
2. Open the game and connect the Sweet Garden server for information linkage.
3. Add the Sweet Garden widget through the menu in the background.
4. Plant a new Ppu or the ones in your Storage.
5. The Ppu will be planted in the background.
6. Touch the Ppu to view the menu for its management.
7. By touching the slate under the Ppu, you can access the menu where you can see the Storage or plant new Ppu.

- For Android devices, the widget must be installed within the internal memory to properly function.

▣ Golden Seeds & Silver Seeds
- By taking care of a fully grown Ppu, you can collect Golden and Silver Seeds.
1. By going to Sunshine Page with a fully grown Ppu, you have a high chance of earning Golden Seeds.

2. The fully-grown Ppu needs only half the amount of water as usual, so you can collect seeds with without giving much water.

3. A fully-grown Ppu will be resistant to diseases, which means it’ll get sick less often.

Water Combo? – Earn tons of seeds with this combo system.

When you perform a water combo, you get a grade of SUCCESS or PERFECT and can collect additional Silver Seeds.

1. Location – Check advertisement location.
2. Network Connection – Needs for checking for updates and saving game information on the server
3. Save – Screenshot function

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