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Mini Karaoke
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(3000 total ratings on Google Play)


Mini Karaoke is back again. This app will be continuously improved. There will be more powerful algorithms, more convenient operation, better user interface and a AD free version.
Newer version comes soon.

This is the first Karaoke player in the mobile world. With her you can sing Karaoke songs in your android phone, with the only requirement that you have the mp3 files.
Our slogan is sing karaoke anytime anywhere. You need not search through webs for the special KTV song formats, nor search the lyrics. Mini Karaoke will settle everything for you.

ver2.0 new features:
1 The decoding process now is real time. You do not need to wait half a minute for decoding.
2 Lyrics is now auto scrolling. What is more, you can adjust time by scrolling the screen with your fingers.
3 Fix the bug of decoding error, which only produces annoying noise.

Key functions are as follows:
1 4 Karaoke related buttons
Vocal Removal: The voice of the singer will disappear and the music of the song will be kept.
Lyrics Download: On most occasions, the lyrics will be automatically downloaded according to the mp3 file name and mp3 tags. But sometimes it may fail, then you can click the button and input the song information manually.
Microphone Input: It means your voice will be inputted and mixed with the music. You d better plug your headset or you will notice some echo noise which caused by the loop from speaker to microphone.
Record: Record the song and your voice as you wish. After you click the button, a timer will appear indicating how long the recording has taking. When you stops, a dialog will popup and ask you whether to convert the recording wave file to the mp3 format, which is smaller in size.
2 Lyrics Display
The lyrics will scroll with the time. If you need to adjust time slower or faster, you just scroll the screen with your figure. You can use a larger lyrics screen by switch to the Lyrics TAB. If you prefer your own LRC file rather than download, you can put the LRC file with the same name as mp3 file into fold MINIKAROKE.
3 4 ordinary player related buttons
Play/Pause, Next Song, Previous Song, System Volume. Nothing special to say.
4 Human voice and music voice scaling
It is a progress bar and the default is 5:5. It works only when you turn the microphone on. It adjusts the volume of human and music when mixing them.

Some tips:
The audio related settings should be used with caution. The default may be the best for most phones, but still you can try. These settings will take effect after restarting the APP.

From now on, sing karaoke anytime anywhere with your android.

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