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Broccoli is an excellent source of choline, which has been known to improve memory and decrease age-related mental decline. It is also rich in vitamin K, which can increase the speed of brain...
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Brain Boosting Foods
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Does what you eat make you smarter? This application gives informations about brain boosting foods you should be eating. Are you getting enough of the right nutrients to support healthy cognitive function and improve your brain?

Your brain will perform better if fueled by healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. If you’d like to boost your brain power, eat these healthy boosting foods that make your brain smarter.

While a well-balanced diet won’t transform you into a Jeopardy champion, it will sharpen your thinking ability. How alert do you feel after eating a greasy bag of fast food or cream-filled doughnut? The road to Food Coma is paved with empty calories devoid of nutritional content. Your brain will perform better with healthy brain boosting foods. Researchers think the omega-3 fatty acid DHA is needed during this time to build neurons(brain cells) and their connections. Fishes includes omega-3. Omega-3 will be better food for boosting your brainpower.

“Food for thought” usually refers to ideas or interesting tidbits of information that your mind can metaphorically “feed” on. However, this phrase has literal value as well. There are certain foods that boost your brainpower and enhance cognitive function.

When it comes to boosting-brain power, there are some foods and nutrients that science shows have an edge for keeping adults and kids sharp and fueled for the day. Make sure you''ve got your bases covered by eating some of these brain boosting foods every day, using the healthy recipe ideas that follow.

Explore brain boosting foods with this application and eat these healthy boosting foods that make your brain smarter.

Found in app Brain Boosting Foods
Dehydration can damage your ability to focus and recall information, so make sure you’re drinking at least 8 cups of water per day to keep your brain happy and hydrated. Make sure you have one of...
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Cara membuat dreamatic
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1. siapkan semua stok yang akan kita edit 2. Untuk awal kita akan membuat Background, siapkan new document, disini saya menggunakan resolusi 3000×2000 pixel, masukan gambar pertama yang akan kita buat...
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Certaines photos possčdent une ligne horizontale. L’Horizon doit ętre bien droit, comme c’est le cas avec les photos des paysages. On peut remarquer dans certaines photographies que leur ligne...
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ACROPORA Acropora sp. BIRDS NEST Seriatopora sp. CHALICE Echinophyllia sp. CUP CORAL Mycedium sp. DAMICORNIS Pocillopora damicornis HORN Hydnophora exesa MONTIPORA Montipora capricornis PAVONA Pavona...
Mempercepat Kinerja Photoshop dalam mengedit photo
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Bagaiman a Mempercepat Kinerja Photoshop dalam mengedit photo? Bagi pengguna photoshop pasti sering mengalami komputer jadi lambat karena mengedit photo terlalu lama atau mengdit photo dengan pixel...
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