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4The other words of Talbiyah
4The other words of Talbiyah
" Labbaika ilaahal haqq." Here I am O Lord of Truth.
Hajj Umrah Guide English FREE
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***Free Download Hajj Umrah Guide in English***
A Complete Offline Hajj and Umrah Guide in English for Android Smartphones. Learn how to perform Hajj and Umrah by the help of this Application on your own Phone. This app explains each Hajj and Umrah steps in detail. Arabic supplications during each step with their translation. With audio of supplications and Image gallery. It is good featured app, can customize the text color, font, size and background color.

Perform Hajj and Umrah according to the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

Product Features:
* Complete Hajj & Umrah Guide In English.
* Three types of Hajj & Umrah.
* Arabic Dua (Supplications) with Audio and Transliteration.
* Image Gallery slideshow.
* Each step includes: Images, Dua Text with Audio, Hajj & Umrah Steps in English.
* Customization options for easy usage.
Rest you can feel by yourself.

A good choice for muslims to learn: How to perform Pilgrimage (Hajj), Umrah, Sai, Tawaf, Slaughtering (Zibbah, Qurbai), how to wear Ihram, Spending night in Mina, Muzdalfah, Rami al jamarat (Throwing the stones at satan) and different other things.

Полуночные колокола
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Они познакомились в новогоднюю ночь. Как только он вошел, ей показалось, что она знает его очень давно. Они пили шампанское и танцевали под красивую музыку и звон полуночных колоколов. А потом пошли...
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BURSA TRIGGERFISH Rhinecanthus verrucosus CLOWN TRIGGERFISH Balistoides conspicillum HUMU PICASSO Rhinecanthus aculeatus HUMU RECTANGLE Rhinecanthus rectangulus NIGER TRIGGERFISH Odonus niger PINKTAIL...
Found in app Hajj Umrah Guide English FREE
TAWAF-E-WIDA (FAREWELL TAWAF) After Hajj, when you intend to return to your country from Makkah, it is Wajib (obligatory) to perform Tawaf-e-Wida (Farewell Tawaf). Its procedure is the same as that...
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Abdülhamid I
Abdülhamid I, Abdul Hamid I or Abd Al-Hamid I (Ottoman Turkish: عبد الحميد اول `Abdü’l-Ḥamīd-i evvel), which translates to the Servant of God (March 20, 1725 – April 7, 1789), [1][2] was the 27th...
Membuat photo HDR sederhana
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Fotografi HDR (High Dynamic Range) secara sederhana adalah mengenai pengambilan foto dengan detail range tonal yang amat besar. Hal ini biasanya menggunakan paling tidak tiga foto dari eksposure yang...
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How to Change the Face
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This tutorial is using a masking technique. To combine the two faces 1. Prepare 2 photo (Poster and our photo), I Use Poster The Twilight Saga 2. Selection of the face by using the" Polygonal Lasso...
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