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Cara membuat Efek Tilt-Shift
Cara membuat Efek Tilt-Shift
Tilt-Shift is a manipulation of the shift (shift) and slope (tilt) is performed on the lens. This trick is commonly used so that objects such as toys.. 1. To make a Tilt Shift effect you have to shoot...
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Learn Photoshop Pro
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Choice set of photoshop tutorials, ranging from basic to advanced. With this application you can learn Adobe photoshop, Anywhere and anytime without the need for an internet connection. In addition, we provide a video file and the files needed for the exercises.
- Wedding effect
- caricature
- Smudge Painting
- Vector
- Line Art
- etc

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Agile Frog
Found in app Frogs
Rana dalmatina Location Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia...
Spinach/Leafy Greens
Found in app Brain Boosting Foods
Swap your fries with a salad or green vegetables for a more positive brain-boosting alternative. Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard, and mustard greens are packed with antioxidants that...
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Les sujets / motifs
Found in app Photo guide Trial
Il faut savoir qu’avant de prendre n’importe quelle photo, il faudrait bien réfléchir et étudier le sujet qu’on désire photographier, et voir ainsi si ce dernier en vaut la peine d’ętre pris en photo...
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Ramil Soltanov
Found in app Elm Telebeleri Azerbyacan
  Adı: Ramil Soltanov Doğulduğu tarix: 24/01/1980 Təhsil aldığı yer: Səudiyyə Ərəbistanı Krallığı, Mədinə şəhəri. Beynəlxalq İslam Universiteti Fakültə: Hədisi-Şərif Bitirdiyi tarix: 2005-ci il...
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SQL DELETE Statement
Found in app SQL Reference
The DELETE statement is used to delete records in a table. The DELETE Statement The DELETE statement is used to delete rows in a table. SQL DELETE Syntax DELETE FROM table_name WHERE...
Spotted Reed Frog
Found in app Frogs
Hyperolius substriatus Ahl Location Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania Size Males 20-30 mm, females 30-40 mm Live 5-6 years Diet Mixture of suitably sized insects including crickets, mini-mealworm, flies...