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Selim II
Selim II
Selim II (Ottoman Turkish: سليم ثانى Selīm-i sānī, Turkish: II. Selim; 28 May 1524 – 12 December/15 December 1574), also known as" Selim the Sot (Mest)" and as" Sarı Selim" (Selim the Blond), was the...
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Welcome to explore the Ottoman Empire History.

This application gives you information about the Ottoman Empire. Explore sultans of Ottoman Empire. Learn everything about the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire was founded by Osman I. As sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople (today named Istanbul) in 1453, the state grew into a mighty empire. The Empire reached its apex under Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century when it stretched from the Persian Gulf in the east to Hungary in the northwest; and from Egypt in the south to the Caucasus in the north. After its defeat at the Battle of Vienna in 1683, however, the empire began a slow decline, culminating in the defeat of the empire by the Allies in World War I. The empire was dismantled by the Allies after the war ended in 1918.

List of sultans of the Ottoman Empire:
Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, members of the Ottoman Dynasty, ruled over that vast transcontinental empire from 1299 to 1922. At its height, it spanned from Hungary in the north to Somalia in the south, and from Algeria in the west to Iran in the east. Administered at first from the city of Bursa in Anatolia, the empire''s capital was moved to Edirne in 1366 and then to Constantinople (currently known as Istanbul) in 1453 following its capture from the Byzantine Empire.[1] The Ottoman Empire''s early years have been the subject of varying narratives due to the difficulty of discerning fact from legend; nevertheless, most modern scholars agree that the empire came into existence around 1299 and that its first ruler was Osman I Khan (leader) of the Kayı tribe of the Oghuz Turks. The Ottoman Dynasty he founded was to endure for six centuries through the reigns of 36 sultans. The Ottoman Empire disappeared as a result of the defeat of the Central Powers with whom it had allied itself during World War I. The partitioning of the empire by the victorious Allies and the ensuing Turkish War of Independence led to the birth of the modern Republic of Turkey.

American bullfrog
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Rana catesbeiana Location Canada and the United States Size 150—250 mm, weight 450 gr Diet Rodents, small turtles, snakes, frogs (including bullfrogs), birds and a bat, as well as the many...
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Islam In Brief
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Prepared by: Yasser Gabr & Houda Karkour A simplified Introduction to Islam A collection of articles dealing with different Islamic issues Islamic Propagation Office in Rabwah, Riyadh Islam at Your...
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Supplication between Safa and al-Marwah2
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" Subhan Allah," " Al-Hamdu lilla," (All Praise is for Allah. )" La Ilaha Illallah, etc." (There is none truly worthy of worship except Allah. )
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Qüds günü – izzət günüdür
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A – аккорды, образованные от ноты Ля
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A (A Major Chord) Am (A Minor Chord) A7 (A Major seventh chord) Am7 (A Minor seventh chord)
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