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Sie sollten nicht einfach unüberlegt drauflos knipsen. Bevor Sie ein Foto machen, sollten Sie wissen, ob es sich lohnt das gewünschte Objekt zu fotografieren. Diese Entscheidung ist oftmals schwierig...
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Photo guide Trial
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Better photos with the digital SLR camera or cell phone to make! Thanks to the "Ragonsoft Photo Guide" applicable for almost any device. Get more out of your photos and you avoid some common pitfalls. This practical guide provides the fundamentals.

- Works offline, no matter where they are.
- Including photography examples
- In the full version of all threads are released.
- Ideal for digital camera or mobile phone.
- an easy how to do!
- only the necessary rights

Found in app U.S. Army Survival Manual
A shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures, and enemy observation. It can give you a feeling of well-being and help you maintain your will to survive...
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How To Master Minimal Makeup
Found in app Makeup Master
By far, the most requested look I get as a professional makeup artist is “pretty and polished. ” It’s a versatile look that works well at the office, on a date or for Sunday brunch. Pretty and...
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Mc Skins
Found in app Game Skins
With Mc Skins you can view your current skin or even copy your friend' s skin from the comfort of your Android device. To copy a friend' s skin type their username and touch the" fetch" button. When...
Bornean rainbow toad
Found in app Frogs
Ansonia latidisca Location Indonesia and Malaysia Size from 30 to 50 mm Ansonia latidisca was listed by Conservation International as one of the" world' s top 10 most wanted frogs" in its Global...
Found in app Aquarium I.D. LITE
ANTENNATA LIONFISH Pterois antennata BLACKFOOT LIONFISH Parapterois heterura FU MANCHU LIONFISH Dendrochirus biocellatus FUZZY DWARF LIONFISH Dendrochirus brachypterus MILES LIONFISH Pterois miles...
Green Goddess Potato Salad
Found in app Salad Recipes
a real mess of peas “And then on May fifteenth, a balmy sweet day if ever I saw one, my seeds went into the warm, welcoming earth, and I could agree with an old gardening manual which said...
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