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Many photographs have a horizon line. Horizon has to be straight. Following example shows a landscape in order to clarify the meaning of a straight horizon in photography. Unfortunately, there are...
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Photo guide Trial
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Better photos with the digital SLR camera or cell phone to make! Thanks to the "Ragonsoft Photo Guide" applicable for almost any device. Get more out of your photos and you avoid some common pitfalls. This practical guide provides the fundamentals.

- Works offline, no matter where they are.
- Including photography examples
- In the full version of all threads are released.
- Ideal for digital camera or mobile phone.
- an easy how to do!
- only the necessary rights

Cerebral Cortex
The dominant feature of the human brain is corticalization. The cerebral cortex in humans is so large that it overshadows every other part of the brain. A few subcortical structures show alterations...
Golden toad
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Bufo periglenes Location Costa Rica Size 50 mm The Golden Toad is a fossorial species, which remains hidden underground throughout the year, emerging only for a short breeding season. During the onset...
Trik memperbaiki warna pada photoshop
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Trik memperbaiki warna pada photoshop – Tutorial ini sebenarnya sudah sering saya pergunakan dibeberapa tutorial sebelumnya, namun masih banyak yang belum paham dan bertanya. Bagiamana cara...
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Supplication between Safa and al-Marwah2
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" Subhan Allah," " Al-Hamdu lilla," (All Praise is for Allah. )" La Ilaha Illallah, etc." (There is none truly worthy of worship except Allah. )
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Water important facts of water quality
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Water Parameters Water Maintenance Water Source Auto Top Off Bio Pellets Control Water Quality Phosphate Reactor RO/DI System Water Chemistry Store
Basic Survival Medicine
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Foremost among the many problems that can compromise your survival ability are medical problems resulting from unplanned events, such as a forced landing or crash, extreme climates, ground combat...
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