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Certaines photos possčdent une ligne horizontale. L’Horizon doit ętre bien droit, comme c’est le cas avec les photos des paysages. On peut remarquer dans certaines photographies que leur ligne...
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Photo guide Trial
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Better photos with the digital SLR camera or cell phone to make! Thanks to the "Ragonsoft Photo Guide" applicable for almost any device. Get more out of your photos and you avoid some common pitfalls. This practical guide provides the fundamentals.

- Works offline, no matter where they are.
- Including photography examples
- In the full version of all threads are released.
- Ideal for digital camera or mobile phone.
- an easy how to do!
- only the necessary rights

hajj Tawaf-e-Wida
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TAWAF-E-WIDA (FAREWELL TAWAF) After Hajj, when you intend to return to your country from Makkah, it is Wajib (obligatory) to perform Tawaf-e-Wida (Farewell Tawaf). Its procedure is the same as that...
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Green Flying Frog
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Rhacophorus reinwardtii Location Java, Sumatra, Indonesia, Borneo, Malaysia, southern Thailand Size Females have a snout-vent length of 55-80 mm, while males range from 40-50 mm It has been recorded...
Du'a behind Station of Ibrahim
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" Wattakhidhoo min-maqaami ibraaheema musalla" (And take the station of Ibrahim as a place of prayer. )
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Christianity and Judaism
In the Ottoman imperial system, even though there existed an hegemonic power of Muslim control over the non-Muslim populations, non-Muslim communities had been granted state recognition and protection...
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Gutes Umgebungslicht spielt eine wesentliche Rolle bei einem guten Foto. Wenn zu wenig Licht vorhanden ist, wird besonders bei Mobiltelefonen und digitalen Kameras, der Bildsensor schnell überlastet...
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hajj Stay in Muzdalifah
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STAY IN MUZDALIFAH 1. Departure for Muzdalifah: When the sun sets in Arafat, proceed to Muzdalifah without offering Maghrib prayer reciting Zikr and Talbiyah on the way. 2. Maghrib and Isha Prayers...
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